We have assured standard quality for the first time in 23July 2017 and have being assured until now. We still improve our quality management system. Nowadays we have been approved ISO 9001: 2008 by accredtitation Body both of from NAC and UKAS ,the product limitations of standard quality that we have been assured are native tapioca starch , modified tapioca starch and dried pulp. we will emphasize to produce products and services by following the policy , “high quality products, puntually deliver , satisfy customers , engrossed in developing continuously”


Excluding quality standard system, We realize the importance of using resource worthwhilely add on decreasing the effect to environment and community by company’s activities. we realize the results that effect the environment and the community.we control the operating production according to law strictly.we have archieved environment standard since 6 July 2006 until now.


We have many customers in food industry all over the world so, we are much concerned about the raw material that will reach to our customers’ production, must have been assured that the administration follows correctly by the process of the Islam(Halal Certificate). Moreover, it has been used in opening new channel of Food industrial expansion.we have been recievedthe Halal standard since 12 August 2008 to 11 August 2009.


We’re truly concerrn about safety , health and environment of workplace , and we also believe that the acidents and occupational diseased can be prevented and protected by coorporations from the company and all employees. Thus, SNST has been assured occupational health and safety management systems since July 3, 2015 until now


One of our determinations is to produce industrial food grade starch which aims to be safety and trustworthy to our customers. Therefore, we has implement GMP which paves whole of good actions for food productions. This applies for entire of process ; location , infrastructure, quality and safety in every process. We has been assured GMP from National Food Institute since September 2, 2013

Thai Industrial Standards Institute

We implemented topioca starch standard assurance from National industrial standard product to build trust and show our product of quality to customers .The customers will be protected in both health safety and justice on consumption , implicating that they are making the right decision on our goods


Kosher foods are those that comply with a strict Jewish dietary laws, including cleanliness, purity and quality. Consequencly, to serve our customer’s demand and gaurantee our quality of goods, SNST has been assured Kosher certificate since November 1, 2015 until now